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Authenticating photographs

Photographs are ordinarily required to be authenticated when an identity document is issued. For example, they must be authenticated for:

  • passports
  • gun licenses
  • driving, international driving, or boating licenses
  • hunting and fishing licenses.

Administrations authorised to issue personal documents are required to authenticate any photographs which are needed for an application and are presented directly by the person involved. In this case, the authentication is not subject to the payment of stamp duty.

The applicant may also request for the photographs to be authenticated by an employee appointed by the Mayor.


Required documentation

A photograph and a valid identity document.


If carried out by an employee appointed by the Mayor:
EUR 0.26 for administration fees.

Regulatory references

D.P.R. (Decree of the President of the Republic) no. 445 of 28/12/2000 - Consolidated Act on the Legal and Regulatory Provisions regarding Administrative Documentation.

Official in charge

Ms. Manuela Buonfrate

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