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Forming a civil union

Law no. 76 of 20 May 2016, which became effective on 5 June 2016, introduced regulations on civil unions between adult persons of the same sex.

Civil unions are formed by making a joint declaration before the registrar in the presence of two witnesses.

Phase 1: Request to form a civil union

By appointment, the parties must file a request to form a civil union with the Marriage Office. Within thirty days from the date on which the request was presented, the civil registrar will verify that there are no impediments to forming the union.

Required documentation: valid identification document for each of the parties;

If foreign citizens: authorisation from the foreign authority in Italy/authority of the country of origin

The presence of both parties

Validity: If the civil union is not formed within 180 days, the request is considered to have expired.

Phase 2: Forming the civil union

The day that the civil union is formed, both parties and the two witnesses must be present.

The registrar will issue the document attesting to the formation of the union after having registered/transcribed the union in the Register of Civil Unions.

The union is therefore certified by the document attesting to the formation of the union, which lists the personal data of the parties and the two witnesses and indicates the property regime chosen. Unless otherwise agreed, the property regime shall be community of property. The parties acquire the same rights and take on the same obligations. Civil unions result in the obligation to provide moral and material support and to live together.

Dissolving a civil union

Civil unions may be dissolved by:

  • expressing the desire to dissolve them, even non-jointly, before the registrar
  • the death or declaration of presumed death of one of the parties

Costs: The procedure is free of charge, but rates for the sole rental of the designated municipal halls.


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